Hello, I'm Matthew and this is my corner of the Internet.

Currently I'm a Product Manager and Certified Scrum Product Owner for The Exchange Lab in London, UK. Previously I was a Product Manager at Ask.com. This site, is a small space for me to publish, blog posts and collate content I've create on enjoyed from around the Web.

I've setup the site to unify my digital self, downloading my Delicious bookmarks of helpful pages I've found, photos I posted on Flickr and tweets on Twitter. I done this by connecting to their public APIs and save the content, with the simple goal of also displaying it on matthewwittering.com.

By now you may have guessed, I'm a hobbyist programmer tinkering with this site or my podcatcher running on a Raspberry Pi 2. I've built the site and other projects using Python and the Django framework. With a little JavaScript and jQuery for good measure.

Latest posts

  1. Bash build system for Sublime Text

    How I setup Sublime Text to execute Bash scripts and display the output

  2. Virtual Hosts without the www subdomain

    An example configuration file for Apache to run a Virtual Host without the www subdomain in the URL

  3. How to install a Wacom Intuos CTL-480 tablet on Ubuntu

    Firstly download the latest version of xf86-input-wacom. Then open a new terminal window and enter the following commands:

  4. How to setup Apache 2.4, WSGI and Django

    After a small amount of research, here is my solution to setting up Virtual Hosts on Apache 2.4.

  5. How to migrating the database engine for Django

    In this article I'll run you through how to migrate from one data storage solution to another.