Hello, I'm Matthew and this is my corner of the Internet.

Welcome to, where I occasionally Blog and Bookmark interesting content I've found around the web which are usually articles related to programming or Linux.

I'm a Product Manager and Certified Scrum Product Owner for The Exchange Lab in London, UK. Previously I was a Product Manager at Please read my LinkedIn profile if you'd like to learn more.

You have probably already guessed that I'm a hobbyist programmer. I have created software to organise things in my life, for example; downloading my favourite Podcasts with my own podcatcher as new episodes become available, reformatting the ID3 tags to suit my needs. This software runs either in the DigitialOcean cloud, or on one of my Raspberry Pi's. I've built, the podcatcher, and other projects using Python and the Django framework. With a little JavaScript and jQuery for good measure.

You may be wondering what is the point in a world of smartphones but I just find it incredibly enjoyable and rewarding whilst also allowing me to continue developing and practicing skills I learnt whilst studying Computing and Management BSc (Hons) DPS degree at Loughborough University between 2005 and 2009.

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