How To Securely Configure a Production MongoDB Server
If MongoDB is your document store of choice, then this article should help you configure everything securely and properly for a production-ready environment.
How To Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 12.04
MongoDB is a document database used commonly in modern web applications. This tutorial should help you setup a virtual private server to use as a dedicated MongoDB server for a production application environment.
Simple MongoDB Security Tutorial
Simple how to article to show you how to secure a mongodb with user access.
Full-Text Search in MongoDB
MongoDB began with an experimental feature supporting Full-Text Search using Text Indexes. This feature has now become an integral part of the product (and is no longer an experimental feature). In this article we are going to explore the full-text search functionalities of MongoDB right from fundamentals.
Introduction to MongoDB and Python
This is a good place to start when first firing Python up with MongoDB. We’ll be going through some examples here, but you should also check out the complete documentation since we won’t be able to cover everything.
How TO - Filter/Search List
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jQuery multiselect
I'm a user-friendlier drop-in replacement for the standard <select> with multiple attribute activated.
How To Use MySQL or MariaDB with your Django Application on Ubuntu 14.04
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Simple Markdown editing tools that works!
Bootstrap-Markdown designed to be easily integrated with your bootstrap project. It exposes useful API that allow you to fully hook-in into the plugin