jQuery when/then (also when/done) not waiting
stackoverflow.com · 1 week ago

$.ajax() returns a Promise. $.when() takes a collection of Promises, and returns a promise that completes when all the input promises complete .then() is a method on Promise (in this case, the wrapper Promise that when() created) that calls it's first function arg when the promise resolves with success.

Using passing response value from one jQuery AJAX call to another function
stackoverflow.com · 1 week, 1 day ago

You can wrap an AJAX request in jQuery with a function and chain it to a second function using the then() method. This pattern in the answer promises away to have a DRY style of programming creating a multi use wrapper for AJAX requests made to other resources.

Grunt watch error - Waiting…Fatal error: watch ENOSPC
stackoverflow.com · 1 week, 6 days ago

Why do I get the Waiting... Fatal error: watch ENOSPC when I run the watch task for Grunt? How do I solve this issue?

How to make simple endpoints with Django using Restless
medium.com · 3 weeks ago

Most of all Django tutorials teach us how to return HTML as response to a request. Sometimes, it is useful to make it a little more RESTful. One option is to use Django REST Framework but sometimes you need something a little bit simpler. Then you have Restless. Restless is a miniframework made by Daniel Lindsley based on what he learned by making Tastypie and some other REST libraries.

restless - A lightweight REST miniframework for Python.
restless.readthedocs.io · 3 weeks ago

A lightweight REST miniframework for Python. Works great with Django, Flask, Pyramid & Tornado, but should be useful for many other Python web frameworks. Based on the lessons learned from Tastypie & other REST libraries.

How to pip install packages according to requirements.txt
stackoverflow.com · 3 weeks, 3 days ago

This how to manage the installation of your project requirements using a text file and pip.

Welcome to django-dirtyfields’s documentation!
django-dirtyfields.readthedocs.io · 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Tracking dirty fields on a Django model instance. Dirty means that field in-memory and database values are different.

AI Chat Bot in Python with AIML
devdungeon.com · 1 month ago

Artificial intelligence chat bots are easy to write in Python with the AIML package. AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, but it is just simple XML.

Does a Submit button need to be at the end of a Form?
stackoverflow.com · 1 month ago

You can put the submit button anywhere inside the form. Also with the HTML5 form attribute you don't even have to put it inside the form.

Essential Kanban Condensed
leankanban.com · 1 month, 1 week ago

Kanban is a method for defining, managing, and improving services that deliver knowledge work, such as professional services, creative endeavors, and the design of both physical and software products.