How to install MongoDB on Fedora

MongoDB is a free and open source database and uses a document-oriented data model

  • 09 Jul 2017
  • Matthew Wittering

One of my big interests when it comes to computing and programming in particular is collecting data and storing is in a well structured manner. There is something very pleasing about a nicely normalised database. Relational database are still very much the mainstay of application back-end storage, but I've found the notation of more flexible solutions found in document stores like MongoDB and the wider NoSQL field.

If you've collect a large amount of data your attention will like switch to retrieval and searching the database quickly. Internet search engines have always interested me because of the scale and difficult of processing natural language. I've looked at doing something similar of a small scale for myself on the data I've collected. Simply database queries using the WHERE x LIKE '%abc%' is seasonably effective when you're looking at a single field but I've always found this lacking and wanted to do full text search across a number of fields.

I think this is where MongoDB is going to a helpful addition to some of my projects allowing me to store important textual information in a searchable format giving me a very small Google for the data I've amassed bookmarking interesting sites and podcasts.

First things first, I need to install MongoDB on my local machine to build out this functionality.

sudo dnf install -y mongodb mongodb-server
sudo systemctl enable mongod
sudo systemctl start mongod

Simple as that...